It’s time to live your BEST life...

Ditch the doubt and anxiety so you can tap into your Inner Power and Purpose (even when life and work feels totally overwhelming) with Holistic Harmonization© Group Coaching...


Manage your stress and create self care that sticks with regular weekly support...

These times are challenging. If you find yourself falling back into old habits, always giving out and not taking time for YOU... Or you feel frazzled and overwhelmed like there's just not enough time as you try to balance work and life?

It's time to make time. Taking time to take care of YOU is not a selfish act. It's a NECESSITY. How can you pour from an empty cup?

Breakthru Wellness™  Group Coaching is here to help you build momentum towards growing and keeping your health and wellness goals so you can feel SUPPORTED and VIBRANT again. The power of the group experience creates lasting connection and accountability that will last far beyond the program length! It is a great way to lift you up and help you focus.

Holistic Harmonization© will help you:

Identify your goals

Clear your mind of chaos and clutter.

With the fears and demands of today's world, these weekly coaching sessions help you stay centered and grounded during the week when the going gets tough.

Find your direction

Regular self care can be challenging.

Teresa helps you find the pathway to achieving your ultimate vision while moving through the stressors in your life with grace and positivity. Movement and nutrition support are integrated.

Overcome challenges

Life is full of wrenches and obstacles.

Partnering with like minded community in a safe space who are walking the same path, will create accountability to help you grow through your challenges!

Learn mindfulness

Learn tools and techniques honed after over 15 years of experience.

Throughout the 8 week series, solidify a healthy groundwork for building regular peace of mind, balance and resilience for when inevitable setbacks occur.

Find your power faster.
Join the experience.

Being a part of Holistic Harmonization© Group Coaching is exactly what you need to take your life on the direction you desire. Sign up today and find your way!

What's included in the program?

8 Weekly group sessions

Every week we meet live in a private Zoom room. Members also have access to a private Facebook group with their peers to share wins and insights, support, nurture setbacks and share other inspiration as the weeks progress!

Proven strategies to reach your goals

Receive specific proven exercises, journal prompts, guided meditations, breathwork, visualizations and Reiki energy balancing to keep you focused and ready to move through the week with inspired momentum!

Find Connection and Community

Join in on Teresa's expertly led group sessions. Share experiences and journeys with people who may be experiencing what you are right now. Stay connected and have a community always.

Monthly one-on-one VIP with Teresa!

Included in the program, you have the option to UPGRADE your experience by ADDING a One on One Coaching Call EACH MONTH with Teresa! This One on One option is your time to ask any questions and get DIRECT personalized feedback and support to help you find your way (details below).

Nice to meet you!

I'm Teresa, founder of Breakthru Wellness™  Coaching + Bodywork and creator of Holistic Harmonization©. I am dedicated to the physical and mental wellness of each and every person who joins my coaching programs.

I started my healing work 16 years ago when I became a Reiki energy practitioner after beating Stage II Cervical Cancer. I went on to become a highly sought after Massage Therapist and Wellness Coordinator for many chiropractors, acupuncturists and corporate companies in Hawaii and the Bay Area. I am also a mother of one ten and one three year old child.

I've been a Certified Integrative Wellness and Mindset Coach for the past five years and THRIVE on helping clients find their purpose and power and build in radical self care that sticks and a healthy mindset.

I can't wait to meet you!

Teresa is a natural coach and healer and guides a group to the good stuff fast!  Within the group, we found real inspiration with each other.  Teresa really knows how to make you feel connected, especially in these uncertain times. 

— Stacey H.

"Teresa is warm and empathetic and in her group sessions, I immediately felt included.  She really listens and is able to reflect back insightfully.  Even while dealing with a slightly heavy topic, Teresa was able to help us see the lightness and celebrate our resilience with acceptance and a little humor sprinkled in!"

- Leslie D.

Ready To Start Your Journey Towards Happiness and Health?

Everyone is starting their Wellness journey from different places.

That's why there are a few options and plans for you!

Get the BEST VALUE by paying in FULL (save up to $107!) when you purchase the VIP option.

However, you are welcome to spread out your payments over two months to make it easier!

Group Coaching

Join the amazing community of like minded folks with expertly guided weekly sessions that will help you move past what's keeping you stuck, learn new techniques to build into your everyday routine and get support and accountability from other members!

Get support towards your goals that you just can't get from therapy for MUCH LESS!

  • 8 Weekly check-ins
  • 8 Weekly Reiki Balancing (WORTH $400 ALONE!)
  • Guided Meditations and Breathwork to relieve anxiety
  • Visualization exercises to help with focus
  • Movement and Nutrition support
  • Weekly exercises and journal prompts
  • Priceless community support during and beyond!

1 Payment of $397


2 Payments of $237

(second payment in one month)

VIP One on One Add On

If you are needing some extra support and attention you can add on one 30min 1:1 coaching session EACH MONTH with Teresa (2 total!) to help you get there faster!

Perhaps you suffer a setback or want to get clear on a very specific issue you'd rather not share? Then VIP is for you!

  • 8 Weekly check-ins
  • 8 Weekly Reiki Balancing (WORTH $400 ALONE!)
  • Guided Meditations and Breathwork to relieve anxiety
  • Visualization exercises to help with focus
  • Movement and nutrition support
  • Weekly exercises and journal prompts
  • Priceless community support during and beyond!
  • TWO 30min 1:1 Coaching sessions with Teresa (Valued at $200!)

1 Payment of $547


2 Payments of $327

(second payment in one month)

Your BEST life is waiting!